There is great concern regarding the effect of mould spores in the air on the health of occupants.

Gas North East Ltd work in many homes both private and rented and have seen the problem with mould and condensation increasing throughout different types of properties.

Buildings are becoming more air tight with double glazing, removal of chimneys which gave natural ventilation to the property, this them creates and environment for moisture build up.

The Main Cause of Mould

Mould is an indication that moisture levels are above those acceptable, and its growth can affect your health and stain décor and furniture. General lifestyle such as cooking, bathing, drying clothes indoors and even breathing generates this moisture in the air. With poor ventilation the moisture will land on to coldest areas of the home and settle eventually producing black mould spores.

Mould & Your Health

Mould spores, like pollen, are airborne and everywhere, but generally do not affect those with robust health. Problems occur when mould is allowed to grow and produce spores in great numbers, which can increase problems for those suffering from asthma, or with respiratory or pulmonary conditions

Low Cost Continuous Ventilation

Our solution to condensation and mould takes advantage of the heat gain within the loft. The filtered air enters the home at ceiling level, usually on the landing area. The stale, contaminated, vapour-laden air is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality air. The result is improved indoor air quality and an environment in which condensation cannot exist. Units supplied and fitted by us with a full five-year parts guarantee.

Gas North East Ltd are working in partnership with Envirovent installing Damp Pro positive input ventilation systems to remove or reduce mould condensation and damp within your home.