Professional heat pump installations

Suitable for heating with radiators and underfloor heating, air source heat pumps provide a cost-effective renewable alternative to traditional off-gas, LPG or oil heating methods.

Providing both heating and hot water for the property, air source heat pumps provide greater operating efficiencies even at lower external temperatures, together larger outputs to match the type of properties encountered and reduced noise levels when working. Air Source Heat Pumps use electricity to operate, for every 1KW of energy used it will deliver up to 4KW of energy for the property.

Air Source Heat Pumps we us are an air to water system which utilises heat energy captured from the air drawn in ‘wet’, which then heats the heating system radiators or underfloor heating. The process uses the same vapour/compression cycle that extracts heat in a domestic fridge.

A refrigerant with a low boiling point is exposed to external air temperatures in an evaporator. The liquid boils off to a gas and absorbs the latent heat energy of the air. This gas is then compressed increasing the heat content in the refrigerant, before passing through a heat exchanger where it condenses back to a liquid state while transferring the heat to the water of the heating system. The liquid refrigerant is then re-circulated through the evaporator and the cycle is repeated.

Hybrid Systems

This revolutionary product is the latest range of innovative heating technology to be developed by Grant. The VortexAir gives the householder a choice of fuels so that the best of both worlds can be benefited from.

This hybrid offers a greener alternative to boiler replacements, helping to future-proof against unknown energy costs by coupling a 16kW inverter driven heat pump with a high efficiency blue flame oil boiler (available in outputs of either 15-21kW or 21-26kW) The Grant VortexAir joins the benefits of an air source heat pump with the latest blue flame oil boiler technology, the units are external and the can be operated individually with the energy saving benefit from the Air Source Heat pump being delivered for the majority of the time there fore saving on oil consumption.

Renewable Heat Incentives – RHIAir Source Heat pumps are eligible for RHI which is a government scheme to financially help homeowners who have installed renewable technology. The payments are made over a seven-year period to assist with installation / running costs.

We provide a maintenance service for our Air Source Heats contact us for more information