Is your commercial building safe?

Numerous business venues lack gas safety inspections and many insurers require this on an annual basis. Carried out regularly this ensures installation is safe and up to the highest standards.  Under the Gas Safety Regulations you as a landlord have a legal duty to ensure that all gas equipment on your premises is inspected and certified by a qualified gas engineer, once every 12 months. For a free, no obligation quote regarding gas safety inspections in your area, get in touch today.

Gas safety inspection process and health risks

A gas safety inspection will include testing your gas pipe for any leaks, inspect pipework, check extraction systems and check warm air units or other issues which may occur. Failure to obtain proof that your gas safety checks are up to date will most likely invalidate your insurance policy. Not only are you putting the health and safety of your staff and customers at potential risk but you could also be found prosecuted.

Carbon monoxide leaks are one of the main safety issues, due to its potentially fatal lethality’s. Not just including brain damage, heart problems but in very severe cases it can result in death. Therefore extra precautions are performed. Our Stockton based experts go above and beyond to assure that ventilation is working correctly. Also checking that appliances are passing products of combustion safely out of the building.

Assure your business and employees are safe. Contact Gas North East Ltd specialist team to arrange an inspection.